Snow Removal

The Village of Lakewood provides snow and ice control in order to maintain the safety of the street system during the winter months that is necessary for routine travel and emergency services.

When Snow or Ice Operations Begin

In cooperation with the Village Police, Public Works will decide when to begin snow or ice control operations based on the icy conditions on streets, which seriously affect travel.

In addition, the depth and time of snow accumulation along with the volume of traffic will dictate when plowing operations will begin.  This includes blowing and drifting snow that may cause hazardous driving conditions.

Snow Removal Priorities

In order to make efficient use of available resources the following snow removal priorities are established:

  • The first priority is the emergency snow routes and other main collector streets, which connect major sections of the Village to provide access for emergency fire, police, medical services, schools, and commercial businesses or area bus routes.
  • The second priority is the residential streets.
  • Snow in front of roadside mailboxes is the responsibility of the homeowner to remove and to provide access to the mailbox for mail delivery.  It is the Village's responsibility to remove the snow/ice from the Village's streets, providing safe traveling during a winter storm event.  It is not the Village's responsibility to clear snow from in front of the roadside mailboxes.
  • Snow placed in driveways by Village plows is the property owners' responsibility for removal.  Snow from a private driveway may not be placed on or pushed across a Village street.
  • All sidewalks adjacent to private property are the responsibility of the property owner or homeowners association.
  • Private streets are the property owner's responsibility for any snow removal activities.


Plow Damage

During a snow event it is difficult for plow operators to judge the edge of pavement and other obstacles near streets including those buried in snow.  In the event that damage occurs to your yard due to plowing operations, the Village will repair sod damage in a timely manner in the spring when pulverized dirt is available.

Property owners are responsible for the proper installation of mailboxes behind the edge of the pavement in a manner so as to withstand the weight of snow cleared by the Village.  It is the policy of the Village of Lakewood to pay damage claims for or make physical repairs to only those mailboxes and/or posts that have been directly hit by a snowplow blade or some portion of the plow truck.

Please report any damage to Village Hall at (815) 459-3025 or email us at:

Motorists & Safety Concerns

Observe all parking bans, this expedites snow removal efforts by Village forces.

  • Remain off the road during snowstorms unless absolutely necessary.
  • Do not allow children to make snow forts at the edge of the street, this is a dangerous situation.  When plows pass the weight of additional snow can cave snow in and bury children in their forts.
  • Reduce your speed and drive cautiously, remember driving on slick winter pavements is hazardous, even if they have been plowed.
  • Finally, have patience around Village plows.  Snow plowing is a time consuming, laborious and stressful job.  Do not follow plows too closely.  During their operation they occasionally have to stop and back up.  If you get in the "blind spot" when they are backing up, it can only lead to an occurrence that no one would want to happen.  Please give the plows plenty of room to do a good job for you and everyone else.

Snow Removal for Fire Hydrants:

Residents with fire hydrants located by their homes are asked to help the Fire Department by keeping them clear of snow.  It will save precious time in case of an emergency.  The Village appreciates and thanks you for your efforts.

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions section for additional questions and answers on snowplowing.