Public Works Department FAQ

How do I report a street light outage?
Check with your homeowners association first to see if they are responsible for the maintenance.  If not, then report the outage to Village Hall at (815) 459-3025.

If we have a storm does the Village have a special brush pick-up?
Special brush pick-ups and all other important news will be posted on our website.

Snow Operations

What do I do if my mailbox or post is damaged by the Village?
The Public Works Department makes every effort to avoid damage to any property during snowplowing operations. However, this occasionally happens. It is the policy of the Village of Lakewood to pay damage claims for, or make physical repairs to, mailboxes and/or posts that have been directly hit by a snowplow blade or some portion of the plow truck. The Village is not liable and does not pay claims for, or make physical repairs to, mailboxes and/or posts that are damaged due to their inability to withstand the force of plowed snow.

Why does the Village always plow snow back into my driveway after I have cleared it ? 
While it is not intentional, this action is an unavoidable consequence of snow plowing activities.  Residents can minimize the amount of snow plowed back onto their property by placing snow removed from driveways to the left as your facing you're driveway.  Village ordinance prohibits shoveling, plowing or blowing snow from private property into the street.

Why can't the snow plow driver simply reverse or raise his plow at driveways in order to avoid plowing snow into my driveway?
Drivers are prohibited from raising or reversing their plows at driveways during plowing operations.  In addition to significantly extending the time required to complete snow removal operations, such action leaves piles of snow windowed on streets, creating potentially dangerous driving conditions.

Tree Maintenance

Is a permit required for a tree removal?
Yes, no healthy tree taller than 20 feet or larger than six (6) inches in diameter as measured twelve (12) inches above the ground shall be removed without a tree removal permit.  It is the stated public policy of the Village to maintain, to the greatest extent possible, existing trees within the Village.  The purpose of Section 21.20 of the municipal code is to preserve existing natural streetscapes throughout the community.  Any tree removed prior to or without approval shall be punishable by a fine of not less than $500 nor more than $1,000 per tree removed.

What if we spot Gyspy Moths?
Call our Public Works Department at (815) 459-3025.  They will come out and inspect the tree.  For additional information, visit the Illinois Department of Agriculture Website.

What can I do if I have Japanese Beetles?
Click on attachment at the bottom of the page for more information about Japanese Beetles.