Administration FAQ

As a new resident where do I start to gather information about the Village?
Village Hall is located at 2500 Lake Ave.  We provide new residents with welcome packets.  The information included in the packet will assist new residents and help them become familiar with the area.

Does the Village have an ordinance with respect to outside burning?
Chapter 13, Section 16 prohibits open burning. Recreational burning of hard landscape waste is allowed in Chapter 13, Section 16-C.

What company provides cable television service to the Village?
The Village of Lakewood has an agreement with Comcast to provide the cable service to the Village.  They can be reached at (866) 594-1234 or visit

What is the Village's ordinance on mowing vacant lots?
Chapter 11.04 of the Municipal Code stipulates that grass/weeds in excess of ten (10) inches in height constitute a "nuisance" and must be mowed.  If you feel a lot is in violation, please email the Village at

Where is the nearest library?
As a resident of Lakewood, your property taxes allow you to use the McHenry County College's library at no additional charge.  You may visit other area libraries and use their resources; however, you must pay non-resident patron fees to check out materials.  More information.

What school districts serve the Village?
Most of the Village of Lakewood is within the boundaries of Crystal Lake Elementary School District 47 and Crystal Lake High School District 155.  Although subject to periodic redistricting, Lakewood students residing west of Huntley Road currently attend West Elementary School, while those east of Huntley Road attend South Elementary.  All of these students currently attend Richard F. Bernotas Middle School and Central High School.  The Meadows of Lakewood Subdivision lie within the boundaries of Huntley School District 158 and students living there attend Huntley elementary, middle and high schools.  Hidden Lakes Subdivision lies within the boundaries of Huntley School District 158 and Crystal Lake School District 47 & 155.  More information.

How do I establish water/sewer/garbage service?
New residents should contact the utility billing clerk at Village Hall with their closing date to set-up billing.

What if I have extra recycling?
The Village of Lakewood's contract with MDC Environmental Services provides for one 35 gallon recycle container per residence.  If you have additional recycling, please do not leave loose items on the driveway.  You may use any container you want for the extra items.  Clearly mark it "recycling" and MDC will take it.  If you are using an open container, please put the lighter weight items on the bottom and heavier ones on top.

What is the holiday garbage pick-up schedule?
Currently, our garbage, recyclables and yardwaste are picked up on Fridays, except when a major holiday falls during that week, in which case pick-up day will be on Saturday. If ever in doubt, just check the community calendar or visit the garbage and recycling page for more information.

Holidays for the purpose of the refuse contract are:  New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
Remember that the pickup date will only change if the holiday occurs Monday through Friday. 

Does the Village have any water restrictions?
Yes, Chapter 23, Section 12 states that the outside use of potable water provided by Lakewood Utilities is hereby restricted (this excludes homes pumping water from lakes and homes with private wells).  "Outside use of water" shall include, but not be limited to any outside use of water such as the operation of sprinkler systems, watering lawns and landscape materials and the use of hand-held watering hoses. Between May 15th and October 1st, the outside use of potable water shall be allowed on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays by those users having odd-numbered street addresses and on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays by those users who have even-numbered street addresses.  The Village of Lakewood strictly enforces this ordinance.

Where Can I Purchase Phosphorus-Free Lawn Care Products?
In order to determine if your fertilizer is phosphorous free, read the major active ingredients indicated on the label.  Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) are the 3 most abundant ingredients listed on every fertilizer label and are always listed in order.  If you are looking for phosphorous free brands the middle number should be a “0”.  For example, Vigoro Turf Fertilizer’s analysis is 29-0-4.  This indicates there isn’t any phosphorous in this product.