Snow Plow

Public Works Department

Public Works is responsible for maintaining the streets, equipment, water and sewer system and public property within the Village limits.  This department is also responsible for snow plowing, brush pickup, hydrant flushing and similar services.

Public Works Services


The Village sponsors an unlimited brush pickup each spring and fall.  Dates are announced in the Village newsletter.  On publicized dates, unbundled brush up to 3 inches in diameter and no more than 10 feet in length may be left adjacent to the street for collection.  It is up to the homeowner to dispose of brush the rest of the year. 


Hydrant flushing is a regular part of the Village maintenance program.  Flushing dates will be announced in the Village newsletter.  Only authorized persons may open or close a fire hydrant.  Residents should make every effort to clear away snow and keep hydrants visible during the winter season.


Each resident is responsible for the maintenance and repair of sewer service lines within his/her home and out to the point of connection with the municipal sewer system.  Unlawful connections (i.e. sump pumps, gutter drains, etc.) are not allowed.


The Village plows all dedicated streets.  Rocks or other obstructions must be moved at least 10 feet back from the paved surface after November 15 to prevent damage to the plows and/or injury to workers or passers-by from flying debris. 


No vigorous and healthy tree taller than 20 feet or larger than six (6) inches in diameter as measured twelve (12) inches above the ground shall be removed without a tree removal permit.  It is the stated public policy of the Village to maintain, to the greatest extent possible, existing trees within the Village.  The purpose of Section 21.20 is to preserve existing natural streetscapes throughout the community.

Any tree removed prior to or without approval shall be punishable by a fine of not less than $500 nor more than $1,000 per tree removed.


Wood chips are made available to residents on a first-come, first-served basis at the RedTail Golf Club Maintenance Barn located at 8211 Lakewood Road.  Bring your own container and call (815) 459-1589 to arrange a pickup time.