RedTail Drive Lots for Sale

The Village of Lakewood will consider written contract proposals for the following lots:

 Lot #Parcel Number  Appraised ValueParcel Area (approx.) 
 Lot 6 18-12-352-011 $10,522 31,944 sq. ft.
 Lot 7 18-13-101-005 $11,055 33,501 sq. ft.
 Lot 11 18-13-101-009 $45,457 34,712 sq. ft.
 Lot 16 18-13-102-014  $30,887 23,761 sq. ft.
 Lot 17 18-13-102-015 $30,891 23,746 sq. ft.
 Lot 20 18-13-102-018 $15,443 23,761 sq. ft.
 Lot 22 18-13-151-009  $7,841 23,983 sq. ft.
 Lot 24 18-13-151-011 $7,841 23,860 sq. ft.
 Lot 26 18-13-151-013 $15,443 23,761 sq. ft.



Proposals may be forwarded to:

Village of Lakewood Village Hall
2500 Lake Avenue
Village of Lakewood, Illinois, 60014

The Village may, in its sole discretion, accept any written contract proposal determined by the Village's corporate authorities to be in the best interest of the Village by a vote of two-thirds of the corporate authorities then holding office, but in no event shall the price of any lot or lots constituting the Subject Property be less than 80% of the appraised value of the Subject Property.  The Village reserves the right to reject any and all contract proposals for any lot or lots constituting the Subject Property.

If you have any questions regarding the availability of the lots, please call Village Hall at (815) 459-3025.